Dusting off the machine

It wasn’t realistic to take my Brother KH-860 with me to grad school, so I left it at my parents’ house. I try to learn to use it better every time I’m home in Alaska for vacation.

Here she is (with ribber bed attached):

Sorry for the blur. If I use the flash, the metal on the needle bed makes for a huge bright spot in the picture.

I really want to learn to use it well, but there’s no longer a machine shop in town offering lessons. So I try, not always successfully, to teach myself. The basics are easy, actually. It’s all the other things a knitting machine can do that are hard – for me – to learn without a teacher. Trying my best, though!

This evening I’m going to make a kid’s sweater for the Dulaan Project in some one-ply wool I have in my stash (yeah, yeah, what DON’T I have in my stash?). Another opportunity to learn! I know I said I wasn’t going to start anything else until I finish the Pink Monstrosity, but I just found out about the Dulaan Project a few days ago, and I’d really like to contribute some items before the July 1 deadline. The Pink Monstrosity isn’t going anywhere.

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