Dulaan Project raglan

Finished the back of a child-sized raglan sweater this evening for the Dulaan Project. Not quite finished, actually, because the neck will be put back on the machine later to finish the neckline. Close enough! Here’s how it looks fresh off the machine, not yet blocked:

It’s just a simple raglan with stockinette body, because I’m not that adventurous on my standard gauge machine yet.

I’m using some Briggs & Little 1-ply sport-weight wool from my stash. I don’t have enough of any color to make much of anything, so I’m striping it. I’ve got a heathery gray, purple, and green. Very basic, but I want to make sure I’ll have enough to make the stripes on the front match. The green is not so blueish in person as it looks on screen, so it matches the purple much better.

This took me about an hour, because I’m really rusty on technique. I had to keep looking up 2×2 ribbing in the ribber manual. Tomorrow I’ll aim to make the front and arms and get the neckline put in. *crossing fingers*

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