Identifying fiber content

So part of my garage sale find was these two cones of yarn:

The top one is a two-ply yarn named ‘Chili’ by Lineapiu. One ply is eggplant purple and the other is variegated red and gold. Very thin, nearly cobweb-weight yarn. The bottom one is a two-ply by Filati, in a color called ‘Terrier’, and to me it looks like a Chanel suit. It’s really more beige than it appears in the photo, with black and white running through it. This is my attempt at a close-up picture (sorry, I know it’s blurry):

Neither of them have fiber content listed, so I set out to identify that. I just did a burn test. Results? Pretty inconclusive. Compared to 100% wool, which is usually really hard to light on fire, and which leaves a trail of burnt ashes after it, these were relatively easy to light and didn’t crumble. Not as easy to light as acrylic, though. Hm… so they could be anything. Rayon, silk, wool, acrylic, some sort of blend. Gah!

Tomorrow I’ll have to try a bleach test (like I was supposed to do today but forgot).

Not sure what I’m going to do with them once I have the fiber identified, though. There’s over 2 lbs. of each, which should go a long way considering how thin they are. Should be something fancy, I think, since this is high-quality stuff. Question is, what? What would use this yarn to its best advantage? Ideas welcome! (Also, if you know of any supplier selling Lineapiu or Filati yarns, so that I could search for similar yarns in stock, I’d appreciate you dropping me a line or leaving a comment. Thanks!)


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