Garage sale yarn plunder

People who know me would say I need more yarn like I need a hole in the head. They’re right, too, but I just can’t resist a bargain.

Went to a garage sale today and found lots of yarn, wound on cones for machine knitting. I got six huge garbage bags full of coned yarn, plus a cone winder, books, and a few machine knitting odds and ends. Just under 100 cones of yarn! Wide range of fibers, too. The good thing is that I can use this stuff either for hand knitting or for machine.

Look at all of this:

Fiber heaven! For reference, that’s about knee-deep. (Oh, and yeah, the carpet in my parents’ house is truly awful. They once entered an ugly carpet contest and lost. I can’t imagine how hideous the carpet that won must have been!)

Now, the only question is where I’m going to put it all until I can knit my way through it. The yarn stash I’ve been accumulating for the past 20 years or so is at least as much as the stuff I got today (I use it, really!). Running out of space. Time to find a better storage solution. Oh, and knit faster.

Guess I have to resign as a Stashbuster now (ha! This just makes it more of a challenge to bust the stash.)

**happy yarn dance**


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