Dresser scarf progress pics

I’m chugging away on the Dresser Scarf (which I’ve actually widened so that I can use it as a stole). It’s now 45″ unblocked, so I’m only 15″ away from my goal length. I may make it even longer if I get to 60″ and don’t think it’s long enough for stole-y goodness.

I’m apparently the world’s slowest lace knitter, though! I have a list of knitting projects a mile long, but I refuse to start any until at least this one is finished. The Ella shawl (from Knitty) for my mom isn’t complete, either, because I abandoned it for the Knitting Olympics all those months ago.

I’m still glad I decided to make this on smaller needles than required in the pattern (and yes, smaller than required to get the required gauge). If I’d actually used the gauge in the pattern, I think the stockinette parts would’ve had gaping holes.

Here’s a close-up of the unblocked lace pattern:

Pretty, huh? I’m pretty pleased with it, and I enjoy knitting up this uber-soft yarn. I just wish it would END.

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