Stashbusting progress & update

Back in Alaska for the summer now, with finals and apartment-packing behind me. I think I did pretty poorly on my term papers this semester, but I just ran out of time to make them what I wanted them to be. Better luck next semester.

It’s good to be home, where the mountains loom large pretty much any direction you might look and the air is crisp and clean (and *not* humid). Of course, because I am the epitome of grace and poise, I started summer off with a bang by tripping on the stairs and falling face-first down the stairwell. Figures! Luckily the only injury was a cut on my knee. I wish I weren’t so clumsy. At least sitting in a chair with my leg propped up and a huge ice bag on it means I have an excuse to sit and knit.

Knitting news: I just realized how well I’ve been doing with my stash-busting resolution for this year. With the exception of some Cascade Fixation for my steering wheel cover (because I didn’t have any cotton in my stash), everything I’ve made since January 1 was done with yarn already in my stash. Hurrah!

Update on Dresser Scarf: I currently have about 65% of it finished, assuming I’m going to make it 60″ long as indicated in the pattern. I like long scarves and stoles, though, so I may just go until I run out of the pink yarn.

In unrelated news, this site is hilarious: Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow.

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