End of semester

I haven’t posted in a while because it’s the end of the spring semester and I’m trying desperately to finish everything on time. But now I’m sitting here waiting for my laundry (yes, at 3 a.m.). Can’t write academic-ese any more today.

I’ve been meaning to post these links for a while now, but keep forgetting. Something reminded me today, so without further ado, free knitting patterns from Australia:


not so tasteful (hideous might be a better word for it) – most of these would be fine in different yarns, but they way they’re knit up? Scary.

Meanwhile, my own knitting is at a standstill while I work on term papers and prepare for a summer of fieldwork. In little under a week, though, I’ll have a lot more knitting time. Gonna finish the pink stole before the end of May if it kills me.


One thought on “End of semester

  1. I remember what the end of term felt like, so here’s a big hug and an honest hope you have a wonderful day!!

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