Updated MLA language maps (US only)

Language data + time-wasting power of the Internet = updated MLA map.

I’m sure every other linguist has already mentioned this, but the Modern Languages Association just updated their cool interactive language maps.

Want to know the percentage of Polish speakers in your state? The number of Japanese speakers by county? It’s there, all for your nerdy viewing pleasure. With maps! I may never sleep again.

Take a look at percentage of people who speak a language other than English in my home state:

In just about any other state – I confess that I didn’t check them all – the highest percentage of languages will be centered in urban areas because of immigration. Here, the yellow centers around Anchorage, and the further away you get, the more speakers of other languages there are. Why? Because Alaska Native languages, like Yup’ik and Iñupiaq, are out in the boonies. Another factoid that makes Alaska just a little bit weird in comparison to other states.


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