Rolling blackouts

What do you get when you add record-high temperatures and rolling blackouts? Misery and panic.

So Houstonians were scarfing up energy yesterday and some of the power plants decided to do rolling blackouts (some of the other outtages were unplanned). Nice they could warn us! Few things can panic a graduate student like having her computer shut off in the middle of revising a paper that’s due in ten minutes. Ouch. Of course I save frequently, but I still lost some work.

The ridiculously high temperatures didn’t help matters, either. As some readers may know, I’m from Alaska, just living in Houston for school. So I think 65 F is a perfectly respectable summer temperature, and 70 F is getting downright hot. Now it’s in the 90s in April – dear God, kill me now!

Meanwhile, just so this isn’t entirely a rant, I’m continuing to knit the Dresser Scarf when I have time (mostly weekends). I’ve also started to knit a Wheelie, a steering wheel cover for my car. Yeah, that probably sounds about as classy as a tissue-box cover your grandma would make, but I have to do something! My steering wheel is black, so it’s HOT and none of the covers I’ve seen for sale are a) affordable, or b) not tacky. So I can hardly be more tacky by making one myself, right? That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.


One thought on “Rolling blackouts

  1. I’m a native Texan, so I’m allowed to say this: a famous general, a 150+ years ago, during the Mexican-American War, said that if he owned Hell and Texas, he’d rent out Texas and live in Hell. As a native Texan, I totally agree with him.

    Course, your fellow Houstonians, as well as my fellow Austinites, would find the winter weather around Fairbanks or Barrow difficult to deal with, too. Although the September day we hit 112 (I think it was) here in Austin and the electricity that powers the life-giving air conditioning went out, I was willing to give Barrow a chance!

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