Klingon beauty pageant?

This has to be one of the stranger things I’ve stumbled across online:

Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant

I’m just not sure what the etiquette rules are for wearing sparkly tiaras with a bat’leth. What’s the talent portion of the pageant like? Reciting Hamlet in Klingon?

Now, I’m a huge Star Trek fan, but I’ve never felt the need to take it to the costuming level. Strange as I might find it, though, God bless people for doing what they want in life, regardless of whatever others might think!


3 thoughts on “Klingon beauty pageant?

  1. My husband and I are huge ST fans. I don’t have a costume; ST actors don’t come in my size. But DH made himself, with help from my s-i-l, a first-season Riker costume. He carefully wears it, carrying his wallet around the whole day, every Halloween.

    My son, on the other hand, has spent a lot of time the last few months putting together costumes from various anime things, which he wears to cons. Makes me wonder where we went wrong. (Though I can guess.)

  2. I’d wear a costume for Halloween, I just wouldn’t do sustained Star Trek role-playing as I know some people do. But I’m not criticizing them, just saying it’s not my thing. Anyone who does what makes them happy regardless of what society thinks is ‘normal’ is admirable in my book.

  3. I think most cosplay stuff is just gross, but secretly I would really like to walk around a convention dressed as a Klingon or Ferengi. I’m torn between my ingrained social training and the desire to call people “hu-mon.”

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