Fun with visitor stats

Having a look through my visitor stats, I see that someone came to my blog specifically looking for “monkey riding elephant images.” That amuses me more than it probably should, but hey, it’s late and I didn’t get much sleep last night. Happily, I can oblige them with this.

(Also, the sheer number of people who came to my blog via a Google search for “knee length hair barefoot dancing porn” (or similar) is, uh, special. Move along.)

(Couldn’t get this to post last night, so it’s really the morning after I wrote it.)

2 thoughts on “Fun with visitor stats

  1. Toddler vomit could yield some pretty funny topics, I’d imagine. :)

    Today’s stats:

    knitting machine made by corona
    japanese podcasts
    barefoot latex porn com.
    dancing barefoot in my kitchen
    chihiro onitsuka barefoot

    Some understandable, some… odd. I wonder who was looking for a Corona machine? I only know two other people who’ve ever heard of them!

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