Spring break!

It’s spring break at least (or already, as I was thinking last week when trying frantically to finish up mid-term research papers). Am I going somewhere exotic, or at least mildly amusing? No, as you can probably guess, I’m not. Even on my low grad student budget, I could go on a roadtrip or something, but not this year. Why? I have to stay on campus for a conference my department is hosting. The topic is interesting, but it’s kind of annoying that it’s eating into our spring break.

I have grand plans for my spring break Monday, though. Oh yes, a safari to that mysterious world known as the mechanic’s. My car’s been telling me that the rear lights are out for months (it comes up on the instrument panel every time I turn on the car. Neat, but wouldn’t it be cooler if it talked with the voice of Kit from Knight Rider?) The thing is, the rear lights are perfectly fine. So I don’t have much faith in my car’s warning system. But this morning, what do I see? A warning telling me the front lights are out. At first I don’t believe it, but I get out and check, and sure enough, the left light is out. So I guess I’ll spend tomorrow getting the lights repaired. What a fun way to spend vacation, no?

Other plans for spring break:
*knit (mostly by hand, but I’ll probably get the machine out and play around with it, too)
*homework (yes, the sad reality of being a graduate student)
*bike rides every day (along the bayou not far from my apartment)

New progress stats of the Dresser scarf coming soon!

ETA: Yes, I know that “front lights” are called headlights, and “rear lights” are brake lights. But it’s a Saab, and it has non-standard car-talk sometimes. The gas gauge doesn’t say “empty”, for example. Nope, “refuel”. And the ignition is between the passenger and driver seats. Really! Not on the dashboard at all. Took a lot of getting used to.


One thought on “Spring break!

  1. Bike rides…okay, now I’m envious. You can keep all the fun stuff, like trips to the mechanic for yourself.

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