Knitting Olympics: non-finisher

It should come as no surprise to anyone who visits here regularly, but just to be official: I wasn’t able to finish my Knitting Olympics challenge. I tried, but I just wasn’t able to devote much time to it. I hope others on Team Graduate Student were more successful than I was!

Right now it’s at 23.5″, which is just over 39% complete. I’m happy with my progress considering how busy I’ve been lately. If it weren’t for movie night with friends on Friday – friends who don’t mind the clicking of needles during a movie, I might add (thank you!) – I’d still be at 17″. So I did get a bit done this weekend, but not nearly enough. Still, it was fun and if there’s a next time, I’ll be a bit more careful about choosing a project to fit my schedule. Either something smaller or done at a much larger gauge.

In related news, there’s a new Houston knitting machine group. I haven’t so much as touched my knitting machine in at least a month, so I hope this group gets up and running. I have a lot to learn about using a knitting machine to its full potential, so a local group with regular meetings will be great!

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