Knitting Olympics: Team Grad Students

There’s been an explosion of teams for the Knitting Olympics starting tomorrow. Most of them are based on geography (Team Sweden, Team Wisconsin, etc.) or project (Team Sweater, Team Socks). Why not have a team for all of us grad students out there? We’ve got at least two things in common: we’re knitters, and we’re swamped with research, homework, and other classwork. The biggest challenge for many of us will be finding the time to knit in the first place. (Who needs to sleep, anyway? Let’s knit!)

In the true spirit of being a grad student, I’ve procrastinated until now on this. No use doing anything earlier than the day before, right? Anyway, here’s a button I threw together for Team Grad Students:

I’m clearly not a good designer, so please feel free to come up with something better. In the meantime, this one’s up for grabs (just don’t hotlink it, please).


7 thoughts on “Knitting Olympics: Team Grad Students

  1. Oh yes, sign me up! I am knitting “socks, yes, two of them” in a wonderful multi-color yarn from Avanti. Not sure that I got signed up for the official Olympics in time, but am casting on tomorrow just the same. Go team grad students!

  2. Heck, I should have discovered this earlier! I’m a grad student desperately trying to balance the knitting and the reading… oh, the reading! Anyhow, I’m knitting a pair of fair isle mittens that you can see on my blog.

  3. It’s never too late to be on the team, v. Welcome!

    Your socks are beautiful! That pattern is absolutely gorgeous, and the colors really go well together. (I only WISH I could show that much progress on mine.)

    Must get reading finished first…

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