Ella progress and Knitting Olympics swatch

So here’s where I’m at with Ella. About 30% done – very nearly to the point where it splits into a V-shape. The color is a grayish lavendar, which is a bit hard to capture on film. It doesn’t have any pink hue at all, even though this picture looks really rosy.

I love the pattern, but there’s no way I’m going to finish before the Knitting Olympics cast on!

The bottom of the leaves (I guess that’s what they are?) pooch out, though. I hope it’ll flatten out with blocking! Anyone else have extreme puckering with theirs? My gauge is even, so if anything, it’s the yarn not quite being suited to the pattern.

And here’s my Dresser Scarf swatch on US #7 needles. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not a proper swatch. I don’t really need to know the length since it’s a stole and I can adjust it. If it were a sweater or something where the size needs to be precise, I’d do a real swatch. This is mainly to check the width.

I’ll be adding 2 or 3 pattern repeats to make up for the fact that I’m doing it on #7s. Still haven’t decided how wide I want the sucker to be. What’s the last minute for if not to make up my mind?

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