How could I possibly have missed seeing Stashbusters online? This is perfect for me! I’ve already said I’m not going to buy new yarn until I use up what’s in my stash. Perfect!

Not officially a member yet, but I’ve added the button linking to the site in eager anticipation.

Speaking of stash, I’m making progress with the stash I have here at school (as opposed to the mountain of yarn I have at my parents’ house back home in Alaska). I’m using up some lovely wool for the Ella scarf, and the pink merino will soon be a stole thanks to the Knitting Olympics.


2 thoughts on “Stashbusters

  1. Oh Great…the last time someone mentioned the words “Stash” and “Busting” in a grammatical correct sentence (it was Diana, the Dysfunktional Knitter) and everyone else’s stash increased by a minimum of 7%. I threatened then to send the bill for the yarn purchases AND therapy for the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division to her. Don’t think you being a grad student will get you out of that deal.

    Stash — busting…what blasphemy is this anyway. She who has the most yarn at the end WINS, and oh brother, am I a contender.

  2. Should I rework it into an ungrammatical sentence, then? *grin* Can I appease the gods of stash transference with a nice cozy pair of socks?

    Some of this poor yarn has been in captivity for more than 10 years. Probably time I did something with it. (And who are we kidding? My stash won’t diminish that much in just one year. Wishful thinking!)

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