Podcasts (knitting and Japanese)

I’m sure most anyone reading this has heard of podcasts, so I won’t go into detail on what they are. I’ve only recently started to listen to them with any regularity, and I still haven’t found too many interesting ones. Many subjects don’t lend themselves well to audio format, if you ask me. The knitting podcasts I’ve heard so far are just not that captivating. Someone talking about how they knit the ribbing on their sweater? Not really something I feel inclined to listen to weekly or whatnot. I realize this is a new area for knitters – not having heard of any radio shows about knitting in the heyday of radio, anyway – so I’m willing to be patient and hope for something more appropriate for audio.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for noteworthy Japanese podcasts? The only good one I’ve found so far is Japanese Classical Literature at Bedtime. Sugoi! It’s snippets of Classical Japanese and Early Modern Japanese literature – mostly poetry – read aloud. Of course, a historical linguist, I cringe hearing it pronounced by modern Japanese standards, but I can see why it’s necessary (so that the vast majority of Japanese speakers who haven’t studied arcane Old Japanese and Classical Japanese won’t be left in the dark). Nitpickiness aside, what could be better than a short snippet of Ki no Tsurayuki while you sip your tea? Or Mastuo Basho while you’re doing homework?

Other than that gem, though, most Japanese podcasts I’ve found tend to be in English about Japan. Anyone know of good Japanese language podcasts? I did some searches, of course, but it’s hard to tell what’s good and what isn’t in the heap o’ Google hits. Please let me know if you’ve stumbled across some interesting ones!

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