gearing up for Knitting Olympics 2006

Remember the pink merino I asked for suggestions about in this thread? Well, that’s what I’m going to use for the Knitting Olympics project. I’ve been trying to decide on a stole pattern (or just a scarf that I can make extra wide). Quite a few nice ones to choose from!

I’ve been torn between designing it myself – really nothing more than choosing a stitch pattern and making a long rectangle – or using the Dresser Scarf pattern. So tonight I swatched up the yarn using the Dresser Scarf lace pattern on size 7 (US) needles. I think I like it! To get gauge, though, I’ll have to use size 9 or even 10, though. But I’ll do more swatching tomorrow and decide whether I really want to use bigger needles. Larger needles will mean looser stitches, and I think it looks nice the way it is with the 7s. Hmm… decisions, decisions!

I have until next Friday night to decide. No starting (other than swatching, of course) before the torch is lit. (Why do I keep thinking the Olympics are starting this Friday? D’oh!)

5 thoughts on “gearing up for Knitting Olympics 2006

  1. Oh nice…I’ve been meaning to give that dresser scarf pattern a shot but …. life keeps interferring with the master plan.

  2. Doesn’t it always? Life’s such a meddler, ain’t she?

    I really think I like how it looks on the US 7s. Lacy but without gaping holes in the stockinette parts. Of course, it’d be faster on larger needles… indecision will be the death of me!

  3. Well, it’s not going to make that much time difference so I’d go with the one you like the looks of best. If not, you’ll have a fast scarf that you keep thinking how much better it would have looked done on 7s.

  4. The dresser scarf is very pretty. I say go for it! And definitely do it on the needles that produce the best results, even if it means risking not finishing on time. I’d say that’s in line with the olympic spirit!

  5. Thanks for the good advice, ladies! I do like it better on smaller needles, so why should I even fight it? I can be so silly sometimes.

    It seems to knit up quite quickly. It’s only a 10-row lace repeat. Not like the Ella wrap I’m making right now, with really long repeats. And icky p2tog tbl that slows me down – I cannot do that stitch quickly. *rant*

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