Knitting centerfold

A knitting centerfold?

The folks at Lion Brand are selling a knitting centerfold calendar. Hm. A hot shirtless guy pretending to knit for $9.95? Put me down for two, please.

I’m kidding of course – anyone else wonder why he’s knitting with such big needles? Big stick fixation? “Hi there, ladies. I have my hands on my big needle.” Sounds like the premise of a really bad porn flick.

8 thoughts on “Knitting centerfold

  1. Couldn’t they have chosen an interesting project…like Level 4 lace with dental floss and piano wires?

    God, I’m getting way too old. First thing I thought of was “tension too loose to be useful”.

  2. I know what you mean. I’m torn between, “Who cares what he’s knitting? Look at him!” and, “Couldn’t they have found a man who really knows how to knit?” (Allow me to speculate that Mr. Model doesn’t knit. Kudos to him if does, though!)

    It’s pretty insulting to men, really. Of course men can’t knit! With their clumsy hands? Not unless it’s a mind-boggling simple pattern! (Not to mention the whole eye candy thing, but hey, one thing at a time.)

  3. Actually one of the most talented knitters I’ve ever met was an Army Captain named Bruce. But alas, Bruce, wonderful man that he was not what you were dying to see with his shirt or sweater off.

  4. Oh, I know men who knit. I’m just saying that the current knitting magazine attitude seems to be that men only knit if the pattern’s very simple. Yeah, right!

    My grandpa was a phenomenal crocheter. Don’t know if he knew how to knit, though.

  5. Ain’t that the truth!

    Now, if they only had Viggo Mortensen doing some cobweb lace and Johnny Depp at work on a sweater. Yarn sales would skyrocket!


  6. Eeeeeeeuuuuuuuwwwwww.

    Not that I object to a centerfold, but the guy isn’t that attractive, and his knitting is laughable. And that pose?


  7. I had the same remark about the big needles choice.. ;-)
    To me it really looks like those semi-nude-bimbo-posing-by-shiny-bike posters, no? But I’d hate to see that pic everyday on my kitchen wall! Give us some good old captain knitting a gansey !! ;-)

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