Multiple knitting projects

I’m breaking one of my own rules: never have more than one knitting project in progress at once.

It’s usually too annoying for me to do more than one at a time. I’d rather focus on one and get it finished. But since I’m machine knitting my Tubey sweater, it’s not portable. (You ever try lugging around a knitting machine? Not the easiest hunk o’ metal to manuver, that’s for sure.) So I’ve cast on the lovely Ella shawl in a beautiful steely lavendar wool. This’ll be for my mom, though, not for me. I hope she likes it!

On top of that, I’m planning the stole that I’m going to knit for yarnharlot’s Knitting Olympics. I’m going to use that bright pink merino wool for it, and it’ll be a lacey stitch pattern. Currently digging through stitch pattern books to find the ones I like most. I’ll get it all designed and swatched in time to start the KO in February.

So there’s that. Tubey when I’m at home, Ella when I need to be able to take my knitting with me, and designing for a future project. My head is swimming at the unprecedented multi-tasking!

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