Fun with volcanoes!

So I’m back in Texas for the spring semester, and apparently none too soon. Mt. Augustine, which has been growing increasingly more active, is apparently erupting at home in Alaska. The last time this volcano erupted I was in grade school! Details at the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

From the AVO:
At 4:44 a.m. (AST) this morning, AVO began recording seismic signals interpreted as explosions at the summit of Augustine Volcano that likely mark the onset of an eruption. The current activity may be emitting ash, steam, and volcanic gases.

If the volcano follows a pattern similar to the 1976 and 1986 eruptions, we would expect a further intensification of seismic activity prior to a larger explosive event. It is also possible that an explosive eruption could occur with little or no warning.

Sounds like they’ll know more once weather and sunlight permit them to investigate for sure.

Yes, it’s a bit far from major cities, but the ash can (and does) travel far when there are eruptions. Volcanic ash wreaks havoc with engines and airplanes, too. Will be watching this with concern for family members.


2 thoughts on “Fun with volcanoes!

  1. Sure do! I just remember being in the third grade when Augustine was acting up the last time (1986, was it?). Everyone kept saying it was going to blow its own sides off – what a way to freak out little kids! :)

    Spurr’s been rumbling a bit lately, too. The last time Redoubt and Spurr erupted (when I was in high school), it was horrible. Ash everywhere! Never thought we’d get it all cleaned up.

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