Jayne Cobb hat

Yesterday I finished the Isabeau handbag I was making for a friend’s belated Christmas present. It looks so cute! I’ll have to take a picture tomorrow and post it here.

This evening, I cast on for a Jayne Cobb hat for my brother. (For those who don’t know, Jayne Cobb is a character from the show Firefly/movie Serenity.) I had to alter the Craftster pattern because apparently my brother has a huge head! The yarn is Lopi Lite, which is almost perfect as far as accurate reproduction from the show goes. Wanted regular Lopi, but the yarn shop didn’t have all the colors in that weight of yarn. Oh well.

I still plan to make Tubey for myself, but I can’t make up my mind about which yarn to use. No rush, either, until I get the Jayne Cobb hat finished. So many cool patterns, so little time!

2 thoughts on “Jayne Cobb hat

  1. I’d make myself a Jayne Cobb hat, but Texas is too damned hot. I’ll just content myself with looking at pictures of Jayne. (Puts the ‘mmmmm’ in mercenary!)

    There’s quite a bit of knitting in Firefly, come to think of it. Wash always had very cool cabled sweaters.

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