Bock sock?

Just stumbled across this pattern for a little sweater for beer bottles.

Why, I ask you, why?! You don’t usually want beer to get (or stay) warm. Not to mention that it looks like it belongs on a chihuahua instead.

If there’s a purpose for this, could someone please clue me in? Color me befuzzled.


3 thoughts on “Bock sock?

  1. Theoretically, what will keep something warm will also keep it cold. That said, I can’t imagine dressing my liquor bottles in little dresses or desecrating my beer with sweaters. Then again, I live in a house with naked toilet paper rolls. Not one of them has it’s own dress.

    I know — I ought be ashamed of myself.

    Sigh…now I’ve discovered my New Year’s Resolution for 2003.

  2. That’s true, I guess. I suppose I always drink it before it gets warm in the first place.

    Nekkid toilet paper rolls? **gasp** Next you’ll be telling me you have unclad tissue boxes. Please, think of the children!

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