Holy elephant-riding monkeys!

So I mentioned in my last entry that I found some great knitting machine pattern and technique books for superb (read: dirt cheap!) prices at local thrift shops. For the most part, the patterns included are spectacular. But there are some weird ones, too.

Is this a monkey riding an elephant? Why yes, it appears to be! OK, maybe it’s supposed to be a man riding an elephant, but still! Why is it included in a stitch pattern guide?

I can just picture it now: I’m designing a sweater for myself, and I decide I need some visual flair. How about a nice lace pattern, or maybe a cable? No… something’s not right. Oh, I know! I need monkey riding an elephant! Just what the doctor ordered.

Or, if I’m not in a monkey-elephant mood, a roller-skating panda. Priceless! Everyone knows pandas are huge roller skating afficionados.

(Yes, I realize these are undoubtedly meant for children’s clothes. But I honestly don’t know why kids would want these patterns, either. Maybe the pattern designer was secretly crushed that knitters everywhere didn’t start making monkey elephant sweaters.)


3 thoughts on “Holy elephant-riding monkeys!

  1. I don’t know… I really do love the monkey riding an elephant. My 3 year old would love it. Hey, I think I would actually make a purse with a monkey riding on an elephant. It is priceless. I am loving that one.. okay, the panda. nah. a little too girly for my boys.

    I love your blog btw – I just happened upon it trying to scour the web for more machine knitters in this world that may not be walking the same way. It is refreshing to see someone not making dishcloths… although a monkey riding an elephant on a dishcloth could be justified. Too funny.

  2. Well, OK, the elephants are kind of cute. But the panda freaks me out a little, to be honest. No eyes!

    I can’t believe anyone reads my blog, so THANK YOU for the lovely comments! Do you have a machine knitting blog/site, too? I haven’t been doing a lot of MK lately, but I try to get some in now and then. I have so much to learn, but it’s a fun process. What I really need to do is start designing my own stuff, because most MK patterns are not my style.

  3. What I really need to do is start designing my own stuff, because most MK patterns are not my style.

    Amen…what is it about MK patterns that just screams Granny Grunt. We need to fix that.

    Okay, maybe first I need to learn how to use it properly. Sigh…always always with the technical bits.

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