Knitting machine plunder

Yet another reason to love thrift shops: ridiculously cheap machine knitting books!

At one thrift shop today, I got Machine Knitting to Suit Your Mood (Johanna Davis), Designer Machine Knitting (Vanessa Keegan), and A Machine Knitter’s Guide to Creating Fabrics (Susanna E.and Julia Weissman). $7.50 for all three of them!

The best buy, though? At another thrift shop, I found Brother’s Punchcard Pattern vol. 5 for 35 cents! But wait! It happened to be Tuesday, when all books are half off. So it cost me a grand total of 18 cents. Not only the cheapest, but undoubtedly the best of all four books. It’s full of different stitch patterns that I would never think up in a million years. (And some ugly and/or strange ones, too, like a monkey riding an elephant – I’m not making this up! – and a roller-skating panda.)

I’ve got a couple of projects in mind, but I’m finishing up the lovely Isabeau handbag for a friend’s gift first. One thing at a time!

(And I found a hydrometer for homebrewing for cheap, too. Score!)


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