Level 1 swatches finished!

Finished the last level 1 swatch (for the TKGA master knitter program) today. I would’ve finished yesterday, but I couldn’t find an appropriate contrasting color in my stash. Everything was the wrong weight, fiber, or color (TKGA guidelines require very light colors for the swatches). In the end, I dyed a small bit of the natural wool that I’m using for the other swatches. I used some oil-based food dyes – the kind made for professional cake decorators, actually – because I’m at my parents’ and my mom has dozens of colors. The result is a very light but bright green color. Hope it’s light enough!

Now I just need to block all 16 swatches, weave in the ends, and answer the written questions. Then it’s time to mail it off for evaluation, and wait, wait, and wait some more for the results.

Pictures to come!

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