Gratuitous dog picture

So this is my parents’ new dog, complete with silly dog sweater. (We can’t get her to stop scratching, and when my parents got her from the shelter, she’d already scratched off a lot of her fur. The sweater’s to keep her from scratching more.) She’s a Welsh terrier, just like the dog we had before. She was abused before, so she’s not the best around people (and especially NOT other dogs), but coming along nicely.

I really wish I could have a dog of my own, but it’s a bit tough when you’re in grad school and never know where you’re going to be during the summers. The minute I have a permanent job and don’t have to move twice a year, I’ll be getting a dog and setting up a big aquarium again.

Knitting update: Got two more swatches for Level 1 finished yesterday. Hurrah!

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