Knitting & beer, together at last?

I found this picture online today, and what can I say? It merges two of my hobbies together in such a charmingly tacky way! Knitting and beer, together at last!

Apparently someone was sitting around thinking, “Oh, I know just what to knit! A freshly pulled pint of Guinness!” Hm… I’d rather knit something useful – or hell, just something pretty, if not useful – and drink beer. (Maybe not at the same time. Knitting under the influence could either be fun or disastrous. Either way, hilarity ensues.)

What’s wrong with this picture? You can’t drink knitted beer.

(Nerd alert: It looks like it could actually be crocheted, but since it’s in a book about knitting, I’ll have to take the author’s word for it.)

2 thoughts on “Knitting & beer, together at last?

  1. Maybe it’s a beer cozy? I suppose you could use it to, uh, keep your beer glass warm, if, say, you wanted your beer to stay warm for some reason.

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