Misadventures in dining

My roommates are from (mainland) China, and they’re always cooking up a storm. Mostly with good results. But this evening, they offered me a dish called stinky tofu. Was I wise enough to avoid it? No! Never one to shy away from bizarre culinary experiences, I figure I’ll try anything once. Big mistake!

Just because it smells bad doesn’t mean it tastes bad, right? Look at pickled herring – it’s foul-smelling, but still tasty. But stinky tofu? I took one tiny bite, and Jesus tap-dancing Christ! Nothing will ever remove that searing bite of putrid slime from my memory – or worse, my taste buds.

This blog calls it “like a used tampon baked under the Death Valley sun,” and that about sums it up. Well, with rotten fish added in. It feels like a cannery got lost in my mouth and all the fish have been rotting in there for a few months. *shudder*

I was cooking my own dinner at the time – a very spicy Indian meal. I hoped the hot Indian spices would cleanse my mouth of the stinky tofu. No such luck.

So, if someone offers you a chunk of blue-looking tofu, back away slowly. Trust me on this.

EDITED TO ADD: Now it’s been over five hours, and I’ve been downing Altoids at a rate that should keep that company in business for years to come. The taste still lingers. *cry*


2 thoughts on “Misadventures in dining

  1. Ah, yes… I call it the quinine effect after the time I bit into an anti-malarial pill and was left with the bitter taste of quinine in my mouth for hours.

    Sucking on a lime might work, if there is ever a next time.

  2. Your roommates must have done something wrong, because stinky tofu is delicious! It doesn’t taste anything like it smells.

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