Remedial geography

As an Alaskan living in Texas (for grad school), I just have to get a little rant off my chest:

Alaska: 571,951 square miles
Texas: 262,127 square miles

Those who can do simple math will note that Texas is approximately .45 the size of Alaska. Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas. Yet I can’t tell you how many times people in Texas, having learned I’m Alaskan, comment that I must be thrilled to have moved to a larger (or the largest) state. WTF? Did they learn nothing in school? (Disclaimer: I’ve found various figures for acreage of both Alaska and Texas. I’m guessing that has to do with whether water area is included. I’m sticking with low-end figures.)

A typical case goes like this:
Cashier at grocery store (who was checking my ID): “Oh, Alaska! You had to come to Texas to see how we do things BIG!”
Me: blank stare

Is it important that Alaska is larger? No, not at all. (And yes, I realize that just because Alaska is large doesn’t mean that Texas isn’t also large.) Is it irritating that people make inane comments about misunderstood geography? Call me a bore, but yes, it gets old fast.

4 thoughts on “Remedial geography

  1. Where are you from in AK? I was born in Anchorage, grew up in Palmer, and went to school in Juneau…and now I’m down here in the lower 48!

  2. I’m from Anchorage (born & raised). Have family in Palmer, Wasilla, Seward, Fairbanks… you name it. Can’t wait until I’m done with grad school and can live in Alaska year-round again.

  3. My hubby’s from Anchorage and so my MIL and a couple of his sisters are still around those parts.

    I read your post taht you’re back up for xmas. Lucky you! Although I don’t think I’d recognize Anchorage and Palmer if I went back…it’s only been 6 years but I’ve heard it’s changed so much!

  4. It’s great to be home. :)

    Anchorage has been changing rapidly, though. Greedy fuckers (aka ‘developers’) have been slapping up cardboard-box houses in every little nook and cranny. Soon there won’t be any more woods in town. :(

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