Stout update

So I was going to bottle the stout yesterday, but my roommates had a seemingly unending dinner party – I thought their friends would NEVER leave! Then the kitchen was such a mess that bottling seemed out of the question. Today’s no better. What will it take to get them to clean up after themselves?

Still haven’t decided on a label, come to think of it. Something like this, but with artwork I can legally use.

I really like this picture because it’s got everything: cool Norse goddess (that would be Sif), grains (beer!), runes! Very cool. The label still needs a bit of work, obviously. It looks like I slapped it together in about two minutes – because that’s exactly what I did. Some may think the purple’s too girly, but screw that! It’s my beer, and I am a woman.

Maybe I’ll get a chance to bottle it tonight. Can’t wait to sample it!


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