Stout racked to secondary

Tonight I worked on my beer again. It had stopped bubbling in the fermentation lock, so I checked the SG and it was below 1.020 (which is good, according to the instructions I have). That meant I could siphon it (aka ‘rack’) it into a secondary container – I used a 5-gallon glass carboy.

Here’s the racking in progress:

And here’s a close-up of the gunk on the surface:

Now the stout is sitting in the carboy with a stopper and fermentation lock:

I tasted the sample I used for the SG measurement, and it seems OK. A bit yeasty, but I think the end result will at least be drinkable (*crossing fingers*). The yeasty taste should dissipate once the beer clears, or so I gather from what I’ve read about homebrewing.

Now I just have to wait a week or two to bottle, and then a month or two of aging. I’m impatient! I guess that’ll give me some time to think up a name for my concoction.


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