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While waiting for my dinner to cook this evening – baked acorn squash (yum!) – I sat down and worked some more on the Harry Potter scarf. Now the carriage sticking problem is getting a lot worse. How do I correct the problem?

Could it be a worn-out sponge bar if it’s only getting stuck going right to left? Left to right still knits very smoothly. I’m fairly certain it’s not the tension – the carriage just doesn’t glide as smoothly right to left, and then about 20 stitches from the edge, it gets progressively difficult to move. I don’t want to force it, but I’m getting tired of manually knitting the last few stitches on each row.

If it’s possibly a sponge bar problem, how can I find a new one? I don’t know anyone who’s ever heard of a Corona knitting machine, much less carry spare parts. Does anyone know if the sponge bar from a Brother or Silver Reed would fit a Corona machine? Please, please let me know if you have any idea.

If it’s not likely to be a sponge bar problem, any other suggestions? Things I should check?

2 thoughts on “knitting machine 1, dancingbarefoot 0

  1. Hi-I have a brother and I had to replace my spongebar last year, I ordered it online from somewhere in Michigan. The lady said I could also use a spongey thing from weather stripping , I didn’t try it, though, the replacement was $25 and seemed worth it to me at the time. The reason mine needed replacing was that the stitches were not staying on the hooks, so I don’t think that’s your problem, my machine was also over 20 years old and the sponge was well used and old. have you checked the carriage for fuzzies?? It sounds like tension to me. Hope this helps!

  2. On the subject of real spongebars vs. weatherstripping: I ordered replacement spongebars for my brothers a couple of years ago from a man in Florida. Instead of the real deal, I was sent weatherstripping impostors. They were also NOT the length I had ordered. I sent them back, and he would not give me a refund, but did offer me credit in his online store.

    He would not honor the credit slip, nor would he return my phone calls or emails.

    This lesson cost me $75. I am sharing the wealth.

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