Knitting machine woes

So much for all my luck with my knitting machine! I didn’t have any trouble making the shrug a few weeks ago, but now I’m having nothing but trouble!

A friend and I wanted to make Harry Potter scarves for the opening of the new movie (yes, we’re nerdy – we like it that way). So we got worsted weight yarn in the right colors and set to work. What should be very quick, plain stockinette is failing miserably. The carriage is jamming on every single row. I’m about ready to tear my hair out!

Why should the machine give me no troubles at all one day, and nothing but trouble another? What would cause it to jam so often? (By the way, it’s a Corona CN-9 bulky gauge machine. I’ve never been able to find any information on Corona machines at all – if you know anything about these, please drop me a line.)

One thought on “Knitting machine woes

  1. I was just testing one of those machines and it is very easy to not have the carriage on the needlebed correctly. Check the position of it out. Remove it and put it back on, it should “fall” into place.

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