New yarn shop!

I’ve just discovered that there’s a new yarn shop in my neighborhood. Fantastic news!

It opened just recently, and somehow I didn’t hear about it all. Now that I know it’s there, it’s dangerous for my wallet. But hey, a store less than 30 minutes away (hell, less than 5 minutes)! I think I’ll go see if they’re open today. It’s the perfect time to get the yarn I’ll need for my TKGA level 1 swatches.

ETA: I just went to the new shop, called Mary Charles Yarn, and it was really nice. It’s on the second floor of a cute old house, and the setup is really nice – each room has yarn in it, displayed in various ways. They have a lot of wool yarns, which is nice, since most of the other Houston shops barely have any. The owner was very helpful and friendly, and she said she has a lot more stock coming, it just isn’t on the shelves yet.

My only beefs were that a lot of the yarn was worsted weight or heavier, so there’s not much if you want to knit on smaller needles (but since she has more stock coming, I’ll reserve judgement on that) and that the prices aren’t posted anywhere. Other than that, it was a very pleasant yarn shopping experience, and I’m sure I’ll be headed back frequently, especially since it’s so close to home.

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