MK rambling

Still haven’t taken a picture of the finished machine-knit shrug, but it seemed to have worked out pretty well. I’m still debating whether to accept the sleeves at their 3/4 length or make them longer (either by trim or by starting over). It’s a very easy pattern, so I’ll try to get it written up this weekend in the off chance anyone else would find it useful (and so I’ll have a copy if I ever want to make another).

I saw the longer preview for the new Harry Potter movie this past weekend. It looks very promising. I got the Harry Potter scarf buzz, so I invited a friend to make HP scarves with me for the movie opening. Ah, that’s right, RELISH being a nerd. Anyway, I’ve got to find some appropriately-colored yarn, but I’m going to whip the scarf up on my Corona machine. I told my friend I’d show her how to use the machine if she wants to make her scarf by machine. That ought to be fun! We’ll see if I’m at all capable of teaching machine knitting. And another important question: which house? I’m leaning towards Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.


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