Level 1 arrived!

The Level 1 materials (for the TKGA’s master knitter program) arrived today. Excellent! I was very curious to see what would be included. There’s a list of required swatches and some written questions.

Very eager to get started, but it’s a hectic week in Grad School Land. It’ll have to wait until the weekend – how appropriate that we have a long weekend (no classes Monday or Tuesday). Knitting time!


2 thoughts on “Level 1 arrived!

  1. I got my Level 1 stuff recently, too, but haven’t gotten around to starting… One of these days! I look forward to seeing your progress on the swatches.

  2. Nice to have some company for my Level 1 quest! I was all gung-ho about it, but now I must admit, I’m a little intimated by the instructions.

    I just got some nice Galway 100% wool for the swatches. It’s a beige color, so I hope it’s light enough. Everything else light was pure white, and I knew I’d get it dirty.

    Break a leg!

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