Locks of Love

I have unusually long hair (it’s currently at knee-length), so the topic of Locks of Love seems to come up all the time. Usually it’s a complete stranger asking me, when I’m out in public, when I’m cutting it for LoL or even telling me to do it. Excuse me, but why on earth would you approach a complete stranger and tell them they should feel guilty for having long hair? Perhaps they should feel guilty for having more than one child when there less fortunate people who can’t conceive – give the extra kids of for adoption! Or ashamed for keeping their livers when they could donate them – after all, livers grow back (really, they do!). Not only is it none of their business what charitable organizations I choose to support, it’s rude to tell other people what to do with their time, money, and body.

Anyway, LoL came up again today, though this time with no pressure to cut. Still, if and when I cut my hair short again, I will not be donating it to Locks of Love. Why? Because a) I’ve looked into them and found them to be underhanded and most likely a scam, and b) I much prefer to donate blood, which actually helps keep sick children alive. Also, why should I focus on giving a wig a kid – thereby reinforcing the idea that they’re freaks if they don’t have hair, for goodness’ sake – when I could be donating money to research for a cure?

Locks of Love facts:
1) LoL does not meet the Better Business Bureau’s guidelines for reputable charitable organizations. Namely, they can’t or simply won’t account for where their money goes – read about it here [UPDATE: The financial report I was referring to is no longer there. However, the current report shows that they sell most of the hair and give their board of directors rather high salaries.]
2) receives more hair than they actually use for wigs
3) sells the surplus hair for cash
(read about some of the other reasons here)

Hm… something’s fishy there. EVEN IF LoL really turns out to be reputable, I would much prefer to donate money to a reputable cancer research organization such as the American Cancer Society. Fight the disease itself.

3 thoughts on “Locks of Love

  1. (the comment got cut in the middle) and I get the occasional “when you decide to cut it you should give it to LoL”. It’s good to have a second opinion, and some people deserve a snappy answer…

  2. I’ve had complete strangers approach my nine year old about this. She has lovely, thick that is quite beautiful. It really bothers me that when someone tries to make her feel guilty because she has long hair.

    The first time this happened I was stunned. I still haven’t come up with a good answer.

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