small triumphs with LaTeX

I’ve been playing around with LaTeX quite a bit recently – the typesetting system, just to be clear – and having some minor successes. Hurrah! I use TeXShop for Mac OS 10.4, and it’s very easy to use. Still, I’m very new to this, and it’s not always clear to me where I should be installing packages and such.

One major issue I’ve been having is with bibliographies. I use BibDesk, which is a BibTeX front-end for Mac, and it’s very handy. Still, like many others in humanities/social sciences, I’ve been looking for a satisfactory solution to bibliography formatting. All my attempts to get natbib to work failed, and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I finally got it work last night after reinstalling the natbib package entirely. Not sure if that’s the preferred solution, but it works.

Other minor successes: getting Japanese typesetting to work at a basic level (with XeTeX, actually), boustrophedon typesetting, and installing the futhark package correctly. I still can’t get the CJK package working in regular LaTeX, which annoys me. Ultimately, I want to be able to do vertical typesetting in Japanese, but I think I need pLaTeX for that, and CJK needs to be working. Hm…. much to fiddle with.

Now I’m having an intensely nerdy urge to typeset things, just because I can.


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