shrug update

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started my machine-knit shrug. First school got in the way, then Hurricane Rita. There was no damage in my neighborhood, since the storm turned east and pummeled Louisiana again. But we were all expecting the worst, so I spent my precious little free time getting my apartment hurricane-ready, then riding out the storm in a shelter. This meant little time for knitting (though I did bring a small hand-knit project to work on in the hurricane shelter, I didn’t get much done).

Fast-forward to last night, when I was bored and had nothing to do. I was watching a Swedish thriller, Sprängaren, that I finally managed to get my hands on. What better time for finishing than during a movie? So I dug out the shrug and sat down to sew up the sleeve seams.

It turns out that I either measured my row gauge very poorly, or the original pattern was way off on measurements. After sewing the sleeves up 20″ (not the mandated 21″, even), the sleeves where a nice length. Problem was, then the back wasn’t wide enough to put on. I took the seams out until the back was wide enough to fit, and now I have a finished (?) shrug. It fits in the shoulders now, but the sleeves are only about elbow-length instead of wrist-length. Since it’s all done in stockinette, it also curls in the back part. I’ll definitely have to add some type of border to stop the curling. That probably won’t get finished this weekend, but I’ll try to post a picture when it’s all complete.

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