Yarn shop woes

I ventured off to the nearest yarn shop today – what a disappointment. Aside from the store’s bewildering yarn stock, the staff were quite rude to me. Is it a requirement to pass some bitchiness test before you’re granted a license to operate a store selling yarn and other knitting goods?

I’m not sure I got this treatment because the clerks treat everyone badly, or if I got especially bad service. Perhaps because I’m rather young, the clerks assume I’m an idiot or a novice knitter? (As if being a novice knitter would excuse such rude behavior!) I’ve experienced the ‘young knitter’ bias in my hometown, too. At one shop, even though I’ve been their customer for more than ten years, I always get asked, “Oh, learning to knit, dear?” Give me a break! Nevermind that I’ve been crocheting more than twenty years and knitting for ten – probably longer than a good deal of the staff!

As for the store’s wares – almost entirely novelty yarns and cottons. I really had to hunt to find a skein or two of wool, and yarn suitable for baby knits was quite limited. Yes, the climate here is warm. But do they not imagine we ever knit or crochet things for loved ones living in cooler climates? Or that we might want wool despite living in this fetid swamp? How vexing.

Anyway, I did get some needles because I couldn’t get them anywhere else locally. I could’ve ordered them online, but then I couldn’t start my project right away. I have some lovely blue yarn that I’m going to try making a shrug out of. I haven’t seen any shrug patterns that I love in their entirety, but I can take a little bit here and there and end up with my own pattern.


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