long time, no post

I set up this blog and then haven’t used it. Hm. Not much to say, I suppose. Eventually, I think I’d like to use this to keep track of my various hobbies and perhaps even professional projects.

Things in my to-do list:

*design IPA wall hanging (Int’l. Phonetic Alphabet) – how delightfully nerdy would that be?
*baby gifts for friends
*master the knitting machine! (I have an old Corona bulky gauge knitting machine that I want to learn inside & out.)

*messenger bag
*Halloween costume (Viking opera lady, perhaps?)

language stuff:
*keep learning Yup’ik
*brush up my Russian & Japanese
*experiment with building a video game for an endangered language (haven’t chosen one yet)

*homebrewing – at least one ale and one mead to start out with
*put up some cordials
*improve my LaTeX skills

Well, so that’s that. A to-do list. What a thrilling blog. More to come, I hope.

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